Brislee Adams Special-Gig in Austria


Brislee Adams visits Austria and honors us with a special last-minute gig!

Download the videos of his performance filmed at Kulturzentrum Schmelze during this extraordinary evening:


Brislee Adams Music Here you have his FB-Page
And here his Youtube-Channel for you to listen in and get a taste of his awesome music!

Biography : A modern times bohemian, Brislee Adams travelled a lot of countries in his early teens, from Tanzania to Algeria, from Turkey to Spain and Tunisia; all these trips gave him the wanderlust and hunger necessary to devour all the history and atlas books he could find on his way; an appetite for scenic landscapes and nature as well as city lights, a passion for international independent movies and world music as well as a true love for blues, folk, rock and roll and americana you can feel in his emotional songs and guitar playing.

Equipment Support by MIR – Medias In Res

Wir möchten der Kunst und Musik eine freie Fläche bieten um sich zu entfalten. 

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